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Anna Helminen

Anna Helminen

User Experience Consultant
Topic Designing for paradigm change

For hundreds of years Finland has had a packet delivery service which required a post office and a postman. Now this is fundamentally changing with the introduction of self-service parcel machines. User experience design helps organisations to increase the success of service innovation projects and paradigm changes. The starting point is to identify all stakeholders involved and their customer journeys. Based on these insights, the service can be subsequently designed and improved. This presentation introduces a recent case study that will explain both steps in detail.


Anna is a specialist in user experience and able to find the most essential issues for product development through user research. Before her current UI career Anna has worked as a software designer concentrating on user interface and usability issues for the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. During her UI years she has conducted multiple qualitative research projects. She is especially interested in user-centered design throughout the product lifecycle, as well as new methods, which lead to a deeper understanding of the user experience. She is a master of science from Aalto University Usability School, which applies methods from various disciplines, like Industrial Design, Strategic Product Design and Cognitive Science.