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Frederic Gaillard

Frederic Gaillard

Managing Director
- France
Topic UX and ROI: the impact of UX on the business

UX is becoming a major factor of success when it comes to designing digital services that meet the needs of the customer.
In this talk you will learn how to evaluate the value of UX.
Frederic Gaillard, founder of Axance – the first French UX design company dedicated to online services – will show what 3 companies did to improve dramatically their business by using UX technics at different steps of the design process of their products and services.

As a key take-away, you’ll learn:

  • How to include business values into UX metrics
  • How to improve the benefits of a business with a better UX strategy

Who should attend this talk?
Anyone involved in large design projects dedicated to customers, especially information based services: project director, marketing director, designer or user researcher…

3 reasons you should attend this presentation:

  • You experienced expensive, useless UX methods in the past
  • You prefer practical examples over theory
  • You hate pitch talk

Frederic is founder and principal of the leading French company specializing in User Experience Design for digital services. Today, Frederic is helping Axance’s clients at implementing a user centered strategy, but in his former role he was responsible of the international research and has provided research and design consulting for more than 150 online services since 1999. Before founding Axance, Frederic was a design consultant at various companies with a special interest to end users. He has a passion for human computer interaction and technology adoption. Frederic is also one of the founding members of the UX Alliance and takes care of the partners relations into this growing group. Frederic holds diploma in industrial design, MSc in Management and BSc in Art History from La Sorbonne, Paris.