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Marcio Leibovitch

Marcio Leibovitch

User Experience Director
- Canada
Topic Visualizing the customer experience using an experience journey map

The customer experience map is a tool that can help tell a story, the full story as it is experienced by the customer and not just parts of it. Through a visual map, the journey depicts the customer’s multiple touchpoints, his expectations, his emotions, his perceptions which include good and bad experiences, as well as opportunities for improvement.

The experience journey map is a powerful tool for sharing the customer’s experience with the design team and for convincing the key players of the importance of improving customer service.

In this presentation Marcio Leibovitch will demonstrate how a holiday vacation can be shown in a simple way and how effective the experience journey map can be.


Marcio Leibovitch is a User Experience Designer with 20 years of professional experience in planning, designing and developing interactive products that are both user-friendly and business-driven. Since he joined Yu Centrik in 2005, he has taken part in a number of design and evaluation projects for major players in the Canadian industry including telecommunications, entertainment, health, financial and governmental organizations.
Marcio is an electronic engineer with a degree from PUC University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and had previously worked for companies like Michelin and Globo.com, the Internet branch of Globo Network, the largest media conglomerate in Latin America.