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Michele Pierangeli

Michele Pierangeli

User Experience Analyst
- Italy
Topic E-commerce & Personas: What are the buying behavior of online customers?

Assist, a leading User Experience and Digital CRM company based in Milan, Italy, has recently completed a qualitative research on online purchase behavior of e-commerce customers in the Italian market. The research included various market sectors, from Concerts and Tourism to Fashion and Financial services. A sample of test participants explored their typical purchase patterns on various platforms, including smartphones and tablets. In this presentation the results of the study will be shown, identifying the most common behaviors,  with the use of a set of Personas, and the most relevant, critical features of various e-commerce platforms will be described. This research highlights the UX challenges ahead of a booming cross-platform e-commerce market.


Michele Pierangeli is a User Experience Analyst at Assist a leading User experience and digital CRM company  based in Milan, Italy.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Psychological Science and a Master Degree in Theory and Technology of Communication from the University of Milan-Bicocca, he graduated (full Hons.) with thesis on usability and user experience of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI). Since 2010 Michele has worked as a User Experience Consultant, applying User Centered Design and Participatory Design methods for web, mobile and physical wayfinding, gaining experience in interview technique, usability testing and behaviour analysis.

He is a technology geek and loves to learn, research, test and improve the digital world.