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Morgan McKeagney

Morgan McKeagney

Co-Founder & Director
- Ireland
Topic Embedding experience: Bridging the gap between design and reality

The world is changing: it’s now crazily mobile, with an exploding number of devices and customer touch-points. This is a profound shift which puts a strain on our traditional design approaches. In this talk, Morgan argues that experiences, not interfaces, are the future. To remain relevant and useful, UX designers and organisations need to evolve. In particular, we need to stop obsessing about tools and methods, and concentrate instead on delivering truly embedded experiences.


Morgan McKeagney is co-founder and Director with iQ Content, a world-class user experience company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Since 2000, Morgan has been helping smart, global organisations use digital channels to become more successful, more customer-focused, more innovative, more profitable and more efficient.

Economist by training, entrepreneur by nature, Morgan’s big passions are business, creativity, technology and innovation, and how all four can combine to make the world a slightly better place for everyone.