Past events

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UX Masterclass Bangalore 2014

The 9th edition of the UX Masterclass was held at Bangalore, India on March 7, 2014. This one-day event was packed with 19 sessions held over three tracks, hosted by 25 speakers from 15 countries sharing their case studies and their most challenging UX global projects.

This largest-ever UX Masterclass event attracted over 300 UX Professionals from across India, to meet the top UX professionals and learn about the latest trends in User Experience and its role in Business development & Innovation.

#uxmcBLR was presented by PeepalDesign and UX Alliance with the motto: Gain insights. Stay inspired.


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UX Masterclass Madrid 2013

The 7th edition of the UX Masterclass took place on 19th of April in Madrid. More than 28 UX professionals coming from 25 different countries shared their case studies and their most challenging UX global projects with the Spanish public. The UX Alliance, Xperience Consulting and UserZoom brought the opportunity to share and discuss UX practices and tendencies to improve digital services and products.


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UX Masterclass Moscow 2012

For the first time Moscow hosted the 6th International UX Masterclass event on usability and UX related topics. The UX Masterclass took place on September 21, 2012 at the Marriott Courtyard Moscow City Center in Moscow organized by UIDesign Group. According to guests and attendees, UX Masterclass in Moscow was up to the standard of the best worldwide events of this type and scale. Guests and attendees got an opportunity to listen to interesting presentations, consult with UX Alliance and UIDesign Group experts while on UX Businessclass and witness a truly unique panel presentation “Around the World in 60 minutes” where the most interesting, sometimes even comical, stereotypes and cultural differences influencing UX research and user interface design in different countries were revealed.


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UX Masterclass Johannesburg 2012

On March 30, 2012 Johannesburg hosted the 5th Intenational UX Masterclass event at The Hyatt Regency organized by Mantaray and UX Alliance.
The UX masters shared their winning methodologies and unparalleled knowledge by industry, technique and solution. This exclusive opportunity to collaborate with UX community pioneers and global practitioners and provided exposure to a wide range of global experts and top level UX directors, sharing industry best practise, recent developments and case studies from across the globe. The UX Masterclass tackled challenges confronting businesses in creating successful digital products that customers consume, want and need, investigating the role of user experience in a product’s lifecycle and how to utilise UX services and measure return on investment.