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Alfonso de la Nuez

Alfonso de la Nuez

Topic How and when to conduct unmoderated remote user testing

Unmoderated remote user testing (URUT) offers UX pros and organizations the ability to bridge the gap between market research and UX research like no other method. Thanks to modern internet software technology combined with a solid methdology, UX professionals can manage online (remote) user testing projects in a cost-effective and agile way, as well as measure usability and other important UX factors. URUT can be used to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research studies, with small and/or large samples, and collect a mix of highly actionable data, such as usability ratios, questionnaire responses, behavior data such as clickpaths, video sessions, and audio. We will take a close look at what, why, how, and when URUT makes sense and offers value to organizations.


Alfonso de la Nuez is Co-Founder and Co-CEO at UserZoom, an all-in-one Enterprise software solution to cost-effectively measure customer experience and conduct remote usability testing. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Alfonso lives in Silicon Valley and leads UserZoom’s Sales & Marketing Strategy. He’s a frequest speaker at UX conferences, has taught usability courses at various universities, and collaborates with the Stanford University Technology Ventures Program. He has 17 years of experience in online marketing, web design, and user experience, having worked for companies such as Dell Computers, Icon Medialab (now LBi), and Proxicom’s venture in Spain (now Indra).