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Francis Fung

Francis Fung

International UX Business Manager
- Japan
Topic Market research and UX: "Of course they should go together"; so why aren't we all doing it?

Most people agree market research and UX research should go hand in hand. However, not everyone is doing so.
In this presentation, we look at reasons why not and whether corporate culture, country culture, or both play a role in deciding the type of research chosen. Using examples from Japan highlighting why market research and UX research are so divided, this talk will help you understand the importance of combining both and how to put them into practice to truly understand the customer and create both a marketable and usable product.


Born and raised in London; living and working in Tokyo. Francis is constantly amazed by the clash of cultures, mentality, and differences in UX between the East and West. Since joining Mitsue-Links in Tokyo, Japan, Francis has been sharing his cultural expertise while helping global companies improve their business and consumer products worldwide. His varied background from sales and marketing, print and web design, and research management has given him insight into all areas of market research, UX, and most importantly, people.