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Marco Palmonari

Marco Palmonari

Topic “Just text me what you need”: Text-based customer care as an example of disappearing interface

Recent consumer surveys confirm an increasingly strong interest for text-based communication (SMS, APP) in the context of customer care. Thus, strengthening text-based care emerges as a promising area to take into account to increase customer satisfaction. Text-based customer care seems to exemplify another case of disappearing interfaces: no need for customers to browse informational structures [IVR, App, (mobile) websites, FAQs, forums] to find the desired information or complete a task. The higher efficiency results in a better user experience and makes a strong case for the success of the channel.

This presentation discusses the technological and methodological ingredients necessary to implement a successful two-way text-based customer care channel (presentation will also include a live demo).


Marco Palmonari is the Chief Operating Officer of Text4Assist, Inc., a start up owned by Assist, a leading User Experience and Digital CRM company based in Italy. Prior to this role, he was Head of Innovation Services at Assist. In this position he managed and supervised the development of Text4Assist, a fully automated two-way text communication platform. Marco studied Cognitive Science and Cognitive Ergonomics at the University of Padua (Italy) and Paris 5 (France) and holds a Ph.D in Communication Sciences from the University of Rome (Italy).