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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

Senior Design Director, User Experience
Topic 1 + 1 = 3: Bridging research and design to fuel innovation

When research and design are at their best, both innovation and the user experience can benefit, but what’s necessary to make this happen?

Drawing from over 15 years of practice and case studies from real-world projects, Frederic Gaillard and Mike Murphy will discuss how UX methods can bridge the gap between research and design to create a sustainable cycle of innovation. What research techniques foster creativity and support design? How can design help to focus future research and improvement?  What risks can stand in the way of this process, and how can we mitigate them?

Program directors, product and project managers, and digital marketing directors will all benefit from the tools, techniques, and advice shared during this broad-reaching and fast-paced session.


Having been a developer, information architect and visual designer, Mike enjoys the challenge of designing with constraints — finding the common ground between the blue sky of design and the practicalities of implementation. Mike has created designs for traditional and mobile websites and applications for many industries, and was a part of several patented concepts. He is equally comfortable designing simple consumer-facing applications and highly complex enterprise applications.

Prior to joining GfK, he worked with Time Warner Cable in software development, co-owned and managed a Web design firm, and designed a consumer podcasting Web service and recording software. Mike has a BA in Computer Science and Visual Art from Rutgers University.