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Thomas Snitker

Thomas Snitker

- Denmark
Topic What matters to kids in digital media

Studying kids and what they do in digital media can offer essential insight when it comes to how to design for kids in varying age groups – how kids perceive and behave. This talk draws upon several user research projects within the last 18 months where kids aged 6-12 have used various digital media on platforms such as smart phone, tablet and laptop. It deals with the research constraints and opportunities when studying digital media with kids, in an effort to explore questions such as how age matters to kids in digital media, how platforms, design, content, concepts, and context matters.


Thomas Snitker is a Senior Research Manager at LEGO and CEO of SnitkerGroup in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked in user research since 1997 with a focus on qualitative studies of digital media. He has written two books on usability and contributed two chapters to the Handbook of Global User Research (Morgan Kaufmann, 2011).