The UX Masterclass brings together experts, authors, and thought leaders from the field of user experience, innovation, customer research, and digital intelligence from Asia and around the world, and presents a unique platform to learn, exchange ideas, gain and share inspiration, and network.

Meet Speakers

Global experts will talk to you about how to converge worlds of innovation and UX

Kyle Hsiao

Opening Talk, New mobility and the "exceptional self"

iF and Red Dot Award Designer

Pascal Lannoo

Conversational Commerce & Chatbots Design: the new game changer?

Director of Digital Customer Experiences @Voyages-SNCF

Frederic Gaillard

Conversational Commerce & Chatbots Design: the new game changer?

Managing Director @Axance

Robert Schumacher

Evolving your UX Approach: Adapt or Perish

Executive Vice President-Consumer Life|UX @GfK

Shailesh Manga

Evolving your UX Approach: Adapt or Perish

Global Head of UX @GfK

Sonia Ouaksel

UX Analytics that Boost the Digital Performance

Director of Customer Experience @Content Square

Stefano Zanini

UX outside the Labs

UX Research Leader @Assist SPA

Annemieke Van Ruiten

UX outside the Labs

Senior User Experience Consultant @Assist SPA

Maffee Wan

VR Applications in UX

Head of User Experience, China @GfK

Gavin Lew

UX in Healthcare

Managing Director @GfK

Simon Herd

Sutherland-A Case Study in Introducing Design Thinking to a Large Company

Research Director @Sutherland

Wolfgang Waxenberger

UX in Auto

Head of User Experience, Germany @GfK

Helga Stegmann

UX in Banking

Owner @Mantaray

Ilana Kaplan

UX Tool Box

CEO and Director @Bayfront UX

Florian Egger

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in UX Research

Owner&Principal User Experience Consultant @Telono SA

Durgaprasad Vemula

Capturing the Moment: Researching Wearbles

CEO @PeepalDesign

Jonathan Weeks

UX for the Aging Population

Marketing Manager @Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

Serena Lai

UX for the Aging Population

UX Researcher @Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

Simon Pulman-Jones

Innovation and UX

Business Anthropologist: Global Director, Innovation @GfK