Day 1 - Workshops (02 April, 2020)
Rethinking Experiences using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

n this workshop you will

  • realise the power of thinking with your hands
  • solve real life problems through lego brick
  • appreciate collaborative problem solving
  • Bring together playfulness, collaboration, thinking with hands and 4D immersion while building models that represent creative solutions to tricky problems. 

Primary Audience

  • Anybody who wants to solve problems using LSP
Aurobinda Pradhan


coming soon…

Joelle Stemp

 Yu Centrik

Joelle is a pioneer in the adoption of User Experience and Service Design in Canada where she founded the UX agency Yu Centrik, 17 years ago. Her exposure to the multiple facets of UX and Service Design (Web, digital TV, mobile, IVR, OOH, Wayfinding…), as well as complex digital solutions provide her a diverse skill and expertise. With a background in communications and a talent for design, Joelle began her career as a UI Designer and has spent the past 25 years learning about human factors and experience design. She is a Lego Serious Play facilitator and is very involved in teaching the UX-PM Certification training program developed in collaboration with UXalliance, the global network of User Experience Experts. She continues to learn about human behaviour and is as passionate as ever to design engaging products and services that have a real impact on people.

Mrudula Sreekanth


Mrudula has over 15 years of experience as a UX Researcher and Designer. She has worked in organizations like SAP, Samsung and Oracle before joining the bandwagon of PeepalDesign. She is passionate about people and loves interacting with people and understanding their challenges. She is currently heading the research team at PeepalDesign which is one of India’s largest UX consultancies based in Bangalore.