Day 2 - Conference (03 April, 2020)
Detailed Program
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Keynote: What’s all the chat a bot?​

Michelle Townshend | Insights Leader - GE Healthcare

Robert Schumacher | Managing Director - Bold Insight

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year in hospital from sepsis. Detecting signs quickly, coordinating the response, and acting fast can often be the difference between life and death.

The keynote will tell the story of the challenges faced in integrating AI, UX, NLP, Voice Recognition, SMS, and Chat Bots in an application to provide better patient care.

The Xploro app – how we approached humanising healthcare for kids

Simon Herd | Director – Sutherland Labs

Xploro is an award-winning and clinically validated app that uses AI-driven chatbots, augmented reality and gameplay to engage young patients more effectively in the treatment for serious conditions. Simon will show you how patient experience became a foundational element of the app. He’ll talk you through how young patients were involved in the project and the challenges overcome in doing so.

The Time is Now for UX and AI: Don’t leave it up to the programmers

Gavin Lew | Managing Director – Bold Insight

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is following the path of “We built it because we could” is a common theme among engineers because they want to see what can happen. In this presentation, Gavin will discuss core elements for AI to succeed namely Context, Interaction, and Trust. 

Case studies will illustrate the successes and failures of AI and present a UX framework to pave the way for AI to have future success.

Designing for the Next Billion

Harini Karthik | UX Researcher - Google​

Internet penetration has already crossed half a billion people in India with nearly 50% expected to be from rural areas. Most of these new entrants are not only mobile-first and mobile-only they also come from a world of patchy network connectivity, low-cost low spec devices 

This is a small but fun take on sensitizing the design and product community about why removing the barriers to entry open up a whole new audience by building more meaningful experiences.

Gathering insights with the Next Billion

Melissa Z | Lead User Experience Specialist, Facebook

Mrudula Sreekanth | COO & Head of Research, PeepalDesign

This talk will not only share vivid stories on why it’s important to consider the needs of the next billion when designing new products, but also identify (and hopefully solve for) some challenges researchers have faced when trying to learn from these users around the world. We’ll conclude by sharing some overarching principles and general considerations for designing for the next billion.

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Mrinalini Rao | Whatsapp Inc.

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Lunch: 12:15 – 1:00 PM

Track-1 (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

The Leapfrog effect: what we can learn from the next billion users

Helga Stegmann | Owner – Mantaray

Helga will explore how Africans embrace new technology in banking, telecom and healthcare, their trust and use of social networks. Africa leads the world in many ways in technology adoption and usage. What can be learned in the African markets that we can use to understand other global markets? If you built to succeed in Africa, can organisations ensure product success in other markets?

The journey to the next billion in India

Biju Damodharan | Head of Design, Amazon

Neha Arora | Head of Research, Amazon

India is a country where we are traditional at heart but at the same time aspire to be associated with the latest in technology and modernization. What matters most is reaching out to our next billion customers is listening to them. By understanding the social and cultural context and fine-tuning our approach is how we can create meaningful experiences for our customers

The rise of Super Apps in emerging markets

Sameer Chavan | Design Head - Flipkart

In China, people are using one app for doing most of their daily tasks. The app itself has become a mobile home screen with all icons on one page.  Users can accomplish everything from booking a taxi to buying movie tickets to ordering food to making payments in one app so much so that the app user ID has become an official electronic ID in some countries.

In India with the launch of UPI, your mobile number is now your ID. Sameer will discuss the challenges that exist while designing such super apps for Indian users and how to address them.

What is the role of UX in Digital Transformation?

Florian Egger | Owner - Telono SA

As businesses evolve or get disrupted, the transformations that it unleashes touches not only business models but also the experience of end-users, be they, customers or employees. 

That is why a UX mindset is key to helping companies innovate successfully by maintaining an unrelenting focus on the value generated for end users. 

Florian will present a UX maturity model and show how companies can optimize their research and design practices to ensure that digital transformation happens in a user-centric way.

Elevating User Experience in the Organization

Peter Mackey | EVP - Ipsos NA

Alex Castellanos | VP of UX - Ipsos

The Chief Marketing Officer “controls the brand.”  But over the past decade, the tectonic plates of business have shifted and a new world in which Users sits at the control panels has emerged.

But why do so many organizations still struggle to “control” their brand without investing in the User up-front?  In this talk, Alex and Peter dig into the “why” in this talk AND what you can do to help your stakeholders shift the balance towards the User.

Asian Paint's Digital transformation journey

Ramya Balasubramanian | Chief Manager - Digital & CX at Asian Paints

The talk will cover an outline on how Asian Paints’ consumers are changing, how their competitive landscape is changing and how their ambitions are changing in line with these. What role digital transformation plays and how UX is an inextricable part of winning this effort. She will talk about the typical challenges a digital team faces while trying to create uniform customer experiences and how it is all Greek for a largely sales driven organisation.

Track-2 (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

Large Enterprises & Startups: Innovating Together

Abhimanyu Kulkarni | Studio Director - Philips

Large enterprises are increasingly looking to collaborate with external startups and internal venture teams to help them kick start innovation. While large companies and startups have a lot to offer each other, the differences in values and culture are significant. So there is a real need to find common ground to ensure success. As a part of Philips innovation team, the design function helps to identify and shape the collaboration opportunities and sharpen joint value propositions. Abhimanyu has been a design mentor of this program for the last 3 years and will be sharing some lessons learnt along the way.

New Data for Design - Voice of Products

Bhushan Patil | Founder - Multiply Ventures

Today it’s not a just a customer or a passive research data but products itself are feeding data back to designer. Alike a mobile phone itself knows it’s usage, location, context and more offering new data sets to companies and designers to make products better. 

We also see today products mould to your needs like an Amazon Alexa learns and moulds to your home and your family vs a one size fits all. Life and voice of products will be a sharing to bring in new design dimension to designers to think in future, prepare for the same, leverage and even build processes around the same.

a mobile phone itself knows it’s usage, location, context and more products itself are feeding data back to designer.

offering new data sets to companies and designers to make products better.

How to drive the change of your organization through user research?

Frederic Gaillard | Co-founder, Axance

Marine Debussche | User Research Project Manager, Axance

In this talk, you will learn how to roll out a user research “culture” in your organization to face the new challenges of your market, with teams focused on user satisfaction. We will present concrete examples of what we experienced in the last 2 years with large organizations who decided to become as successful as their strongest competitors. You will leave the talk with actionable tools and methods that you can try in your organization with concrete outputs in just a few weeks This will be the first public session for the talk.

Data driven User Modelling & Evidenced based Design

Jeongwoo Ryu | Senior Data Scientist, PXD -South Korea

Over the past 18 years, PXD has been focusing more on qualitative UX research methods but increasingly they have been trying to combine it with data analytics so as to help their clients develop more thoughtful UX strategies. In this talk, Jeongwoo will be sharing PXD’s experiences with combining data analysis approaches such as behavioural pattern detection, user log analysis, descriptive statistics etc. with traditional user research methods. This presentation focuses on data-driven user modelling and evidence-based design.

User Centered Design of Conversational Interfaces

Luca Petroni | Head Digital Strategy - Assist Digital

Is the “User Centered” design process still suitable to design A.I. based systems? How can we prototype a not completely deterministic system? And how user research and testing find room within a more and more diffused “Agile” approach?

To answers these questions a methodological framework developed by Assist Digital for the design of vocal and conversational interfaces will be presented, showing real case studies, prototypes and usage data: from the identification of the relevant elements for a “Human Like” experience, to the prototyping and testing methodologies for A.I based solutions.