Jeongwoo Ryu

Senior Data Scientist, PXD - South Korea
Data driven User Modelling & Evidenced based Design

Over the past 18 years, PXD has been focusing more on qualitative UX research methods but increasingly they have been trying to combine it with data analytics so as to help their clients develop more thoughtful UX strategies. In this talk, Jeongwoo will be sharing PXD's experiences combining data analysis approaches such as behavioural pattern detection, user log analysis, description statistics etc. with traditional user research methods.

With his keen interest in combining data science and UX design, Jeongwoo Ryu has been working at PXD as a senior data scientist. Before joining PXD, he had worked for a fin-tech startup and a global social media startup in South Korea. He holds MS in data-science at Seoul National University and BS in industrial engineering at Yonsei University.