Joelle Stemp

General Manager at Yu Centrik
Design Maturity Model: Why should organizations care?

The business value of Design is not just about delivering products and services to provide a superior Customer Experience. It's also about knowing where your organization stands in terms of design maturity, so that you can take the necessary actions to grow your culture, design processes and tools. During our talk we will present a Design Maturity Model which the UXalliance has created specifically to assess organizations’ design maturity, as well as help them create and sustain a customer-first design culture.

Joelle Stemp founded the UX & Service Design agency Yu Centrik in 2003 in Montreal. Yu Centrik is the exclusive Canadian partner of UX Alliance.
She is a pioneer in the adoption of UX and service design in Canada. With a background in communications and a talent for design, Joelle began her career as a UI designer and has spent the last 25 years promoting human factors, usability & and user experience.

Joelle believes in the importance of questioning the purpose of products and services as a starting point for design. She loves to share her knowledge with others, and aims to foster a human-centered approach and a design culture within organizations.

Joelle is very involved in developing and teaching the UX-PM Certification program created in collaboration with her partners at UXalliance.