Susan J. Wolfe

Principal, OE Strategy
Question Everything: Design for Social Impact

Design is being increasingly applied to “wicked problems” – problems that, because of complex interdependencies, are difficult (if not impossible) to solve.

While helpful, applying “standard” human-centred design strategies to address such problems tend to fall far short of the mark. Why is this? What is it about wicked problems that make our traditional human-centered design methods inadequate in and of itself? This talk explores these types of problems and the implications for projects to support them.

As a UX practitioner and educator for 35+ years, Susan has practiced UX design, run consultancies, mentored project teams around the globe. She has trained and launched the careers of the next generation of practitioners. Susan spent the first part of her career in the Silicon Valley at IBM, NASA, and Tandem Computers. Since 1995, she has built and led UX consultancies in Australia (The Hiser Group and Optimal Experience). She now splits her time between San Francisco and Sydney, working with educational organisations (General Assembly), and public and private-sector clients (through her boutique consultancy, OE Strategy).