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October 15, 15:30 - 18:00 Bogotá - CDMX (UTC -5)

*Some minor changes to the program may occur due to the availability of participants.

Friday October 15

Ethics · Accessibility · Inclusion

15:30 PM


Four steps to ground your design on ethical and responsible practice

Luca Baldini, Experience and System Strategist at Assist Digital. Italy.

*This workshop is going to be in english so the participants should be fluent in that language.

In the workshop the participants will be exposed to provocative questions and activities to:Let their cultural-self emerge and become aware of how their social constructs can influence the design process and outcome.

Contextualize their project in the physical and social environment it lives in: mapping a larger array of stakeholders including ecosystem, local communities, other organizations (partners, suppliers, distributors and developers...) etc.

Uncover the dynamics at play in the project's environment such as power relations, values, norms and beliefs that affect how people think and behave, including how they might respond to these dynamics (strategies and mechanisms for influencing, lobbying etc.)
Come together to discuss the output of their thinking and to start the brainstorm on ethical and responsible guiding principles to foster sustainable design interventions

Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Limited space of: 20 participants
Tools: Miro + Zoom
Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $50 USD

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Cost: $50 USD

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